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Chaleun Sekong Energy is fully committed to the safety of our team at every stage of our operations. From the planning stages through construction and operation, the safety of our team is our highest priority. 

Our commitment to the safety of our team and equipment begins in the planning stages with a thorough risk assessment of the proposed site and construction methods. Our highly experienced team identify the risks associated with the construction and employ international best practices of risk mitigation to ensure the safety of our team and equipment.

Each project is overseen by a dedicated Project Manager who works closely with our Safety Department. Together the Project Manager and the Safety Department work on the principle of zero incidents for each project. To meet this goal the managerial team ensure all staff members are following the correct procedures as outlined in our risk management documents. Team members at all levels are trained in all aspects of the risk management policies and procedures. Clear and concise work plans detail all salient elements of the safety procedures, which all staff are given regularly. In addition to this the Project Manager and Safety Department closely monitor the development of the project with a special eye for identifying and eliminating any new risks that might eventuate. 

Of course we are prepared in the unlikely event of an accident. We have clear procedures in place to follow in the unlikely event of an accident. This includes emergencies measures and a highly trained medical team, ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Following the immediate response and securing the scene we have a robust investigation method that looks at all accidents using a systems based approach to incident analysis. This includes reviewing all factors that could contribute to a potential incident starting with reviewing our policies and training procedures.

The most important element of our safety policy comes from our staff. We have created a culture of safety that ensures that every member of our team, at every level of our organisation, is committed to the safety and well being of their coworkers. All team members are encouraged to contribute to the regular review of our safety policies and we work hard to enstill and sense of ownership of the safety of individuals, their team, the project and the company. Every member of our team knows that they are responsible, not just for themselves, but for the safety of all stakeholders.
We know that our safety policy is one of the great strengths of our company and we are proud of our entire team and their commitment to the safety of every aspect of this great company