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Nam Kong 2 Released Fish On National Wildlife And Aquatic Animal Conservation Day


The fish releasing ceremony was held on the occasion of the National Wildlife and Aquatic Animal Conservation Day on last 13 July 2020 at Nam Kong 2 Hydropower Plant, Phouvong District, Attapeu Province, honored to attend the ceremony by Mr. Lad XAYYAPHONE, the Governor of Attapeu Province, together with other related Department Directors and staff of Nam Kong 2 Hydropower Plant. 200,000 fish in total, which are comprised of 4 species namely 40,000 of grass carp, 80,000 of silver barb, 50,000 of tilapia and 30,000 of climbing perch, were released to the nature on the reservoir of the dam  in order to conserve and restore natural ecosystem and to help increase fish population in a sustainable way. This also means creating a good condition for providing food resources for the villagers who rely on the nature for their living.