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The Minister Of Ministry Of Energy And Mines Of Laos And Its Delegates Visited Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Project To Monitor The Progress Of The Project.


ທ່ານ ຄຳ ມ່ວນອິນທິລາດ, ລັດຖະມົນຕີວ່າການກະຊວງພະລັງງານແລະບໍ່ແຮ່ແລະຄະນະຜູ້ແທນພ້ອມດ້ວຍຄະນະໄດ້ລົງຢ້ຽມຢາມໂຄງການເຂື່ອນໄຟຟ້ານ້ ຳ ກອງ 3 ຢູ່ເມືອງພູວົງແຂວງອັດຕະປືໃນວັນທີ 11 ກໍລະກົດ 2020 ໂດຍການຕ້ອນຮັບຂອງທ່ານຈັນທະມາພິມພິລົມ, ປະທານບໍລິສັດ Chaleun Sekong Energy Co. Ltd ແລະທີມງານບໍລິຫານຂອງມັນ.

Mr. Khammany INTHIRATH, the Minister of Ministry of Energy and Mines and its delegates visited Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Project in Phouvong District, Attapeu Province on last 11 July 2020, welcomed by Mr. Chanthanome PHOMMANY, the President of Chaleun Sekong Energy Co., Ltd and its management team. The project is currently focusing on constructing main dam and spill way with a progress of 75%. The project commenced on January 2018 and is expected to begin impounding in November 2020 and test the generator in the beginning of 2021. Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Dam is 65 meters high, 486 meters long, 646 square kilometers of catchment area and 32 square kilometers of reservoir surface area with water storage capacity of 471 million cubic meters. Nam Kong 3 Reservoir will be used not only for Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Plant, but also to increase energy generating capacity of Nam Kong 2 Hydropower Plant by 30%. The Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Project was designed and supervised by Poyry Co., Ltd with a total project cost of 140 million USD and 27 years of concession. The Dam will have 3 units of turbine with total installed capacity of 54 MW and on average it will generate 204 GWh per year. After the official operation, the energy will be off-taken by Vietnam Electricity Corporation or EVN. Prior to Nam Kong 3 visit, the delegates had visited Nam Kong 2 Hydropower Plant, which has an installed capacity of 66 MW and a total project cost of 142 million USD, began operating and off-taken by EDL in 2018. Nam Kong 2 Hydropower Plant has recently made Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with EVN and will export its electric power to EVN in the near future. On this occasion, the Minister of Ministry of Energy and Mines highly praised for the project progress and emphasized on the importance of safety. He also believed that Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Plant will greatly contribute to the infrastructure and livelihood improvement of the locals as well as the social-economic development plan of the country.