Human Resource - CSE


At the heart of CSE, lies our desire to create sustainable development. To meet this goal we understand the importance of sustainable employment, where team members are not just rewarded, but given opportunities for growth and development.

We know that the strongest part of our company is our team. Every single member of our team is critically important to the ongoing success of Chaleun Sekong Energy. Which is why we recognise the importance of providing clear career paths for all our staff. Every staff member has access to training programs and skill advancement opportunities. When combined with our process of ongoing feedback and culture of growth, CSE team members are able to thrive within their roles and grow into new opportunities. To promote long term relationships with our team members we invest in ongoing training and development opportunities, and help employees at all levels map out their long term career goals within CSE. 

We support our team members to fulfil numerous roles within the company. We know that this helps to promote interdepartmental understanding and communication. We support our team members through this process with experienced mentors, trainers and supervisors. We believe that a great team works best when everyone understands their role and the roles of others. By supporting our team members to take on new responsibilities we enhance the sustainability of CSE and its workforce.