Introduce about
Xe Nam Noy 1

Ban Bengphoukham, Samakhixay District, Attapeu Province

The Xe Nam Noy 1 project site is located in between Attapeu and Sekong province in the southern part of Lao PDR and the project is expected to provide the maximum installed capacity of 14.8 MW and average annual generation of 110GWh by utilizing water resource of the Xe Nam Noy river running through the Boloven Plateau.

  • $36.86 M

    Project Cost

  • 14.8 MW

    Installed Capacity

  • 80 GWh

    Average Annual Energy

  • 7 M

    Dam Height

  • 80 GWh

    Reservoir Surface Area


Project Cost $36.86 Million
Shareholder CSE 100%
Installed Capacity 14.8 MW
Average Annual Energy 80 GWh
Maximum Turbine Discharge 24 m3/s
Rated Head 75 m
Turbine Type Vertical Francis x 2 Units
Offtaker EDL
Catchment Area 1,284 Km2
Annual Average Rain Fall 2,600 mm
Annual Average Discharge 53 m3/s
Reservoir Storage Capacity 0.21 Million m3
Reservoir Surface Area 6.0 Ha
Full Supply Level 252 m a.s.l
Minimum Operating Level 249 m a.s.l


Main Dam
Type Concrete Gravity
Height 7 m
Crest Length 100 m
Crest level 252 m a.s.l
Headrace Channel
Type Open Channel
Length 1,832 m
Longitudinal Gradient 0.16
Type Steel liner
Number of Pipe 2
Diameter 1.6 m
Length 281 m
Longitudinal Gradient 7.7%
Type Ogee Gated
Number of Gate 5
Design Flood Discharge
Max Inflow peak 1970 m3/s
Headrace Tunnel
Type Concrete Liner
Design Discharge
Diameter 4.3m x 5.3m Horseshoe Shape
Length 1,938 m
Tailrace Channel
Type Concrete
Length 11.5 m
Switchyard 115kV
Elevation 175.80 m a.s.l
Dimension 24m x 52m


Installed Capacity 14.8 MW
Number of Unit 2
Turbine Type Francis Vertical
Max Powerhouse Discharge 24 m3/s
Erection Floor Elevation 175.3 m a.s.l
115KV Transmission Line
Substation Nongbong Substation
Length 32 Km
Circuit Type Single
Conductor Size 185 mm2


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Map of Xe Nam Noy 1