Chaleun sekong energy company limited

Chaleun Sekong Energy is a part of the the Chaleun Sekong Group and we specialised in the planning, construction and operation of hydropower facilities across Laos. We believe that hydropower has the ability to transform Laos by creating clean, renewable energy and sustainable development through meaningful employment and contributions to the economic growth of the Lao PDR.

We create world class facilities, following international best practice, using local knowledge and international advisors. Through the combination of a highly trained local workforce, top international advisors, and a professional management team we are the leading choice for hydropower projects in Laos.


As a major player in the hydropower sector Chaleun Sekong Energyis committed to sustainability. To ensure that we meet the high standards for sustainability we have broken our approach down into three main areas of focus. Environmental Responsibility, Social Responsibility, and Sustainable Development. We believe that this three pronged approach will give us clear direction and guidance to achieving our sustainability goals. Click on the icons below to learn more about our projects in each area.


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Chaleun Sekong Energy is part of the Chaleun Sekong Group. We were incorporated on the 15th of March, 2016. We registered 330 Billion LAK of capital and focussed our business on developing and investing in renewable engery business within the Lao PDR.

Chaleun Sekong Energy is currently working on ten hydropower projects throughout Laos. We currently have four dams in operation, providing clean energy for Laos and its neighbours. In addition to this we also have four dams currently under construction, and another two dams in the development phase.

We are proud of our work bringing renewable energy and sustainable development to the people of Laos and hope you will join us in this mission.